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HoustonSecurityCamera.com is the online division of Nexlar Security, LLC.We’ve made a name for ourselves by offering comprehensive integration and technology based solutions for all of the security camera needs of Kingwood, TX.We’re dedicated to keeping the livable forest safe by partnering with the community to develop unique and innovative security camera systems.

We’ve got effective, budget-friendly systems down to an art with security installer experts and financing options geared toward helping businesses and residence stay as secure aspossible.Although there is little statistical data on the crime rates of Kingwood, TX, theft-related crime is prevalent everywhere, and we’d like to help you keep your community and local businesses safe.

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Video Analytics

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A Short List of Security Integration Services and Solutions:

  • Security Camera Installation.
  • Live and Online Video Access / Internet Video Opt.
  • Home and Business Security Integration.
  • High-Definition and Analog Cameras.
  • Video Analytics and Verification.
  • Loop Detectors.
  • Access Control / Gate Hardware.
  • Parking and Garage Security Options.
  • Keypads and Keyless Entry Options.
  • Telephone Entry.
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems.
  • Networking Solutions.
  • Trespassing Alarms.
  • Audio Systems.
  • Camera and Security System Repair.
  • Medical Alert Systems.
  • Solar Products.

Tips for Deferring Crime in Your Business and Home Area

  • Use the buddy system with your neighboring homes and businesses!Lend them your eyes and they’ll lend you theirs so that the whole neighborhood or business park can rest easier.
  • Don’t give strangers personal information or information about your coworkers or neighbors without their permission.
  • Keep your social media check-ins and whereabouts posts to a minimum or set your profiles to private.You don’t need to give strangers a constant stream of information on when you’re out of the house or office.
  • Join the neighborhood watch, or start one yourself !
State of Texas License Number: B14634

Some of What We Have To Offer Kingwood, TX

We have some truly impressive and practical security options. Our surveillance systems are user friendly and intuitively designed. They allow for multiple levels of security and encryptions to protect from tampering. They’re compatible with any smart-capable devices so you can get text alerts and e-mails with video snapshots wherever you are, and you can respond by remotely tilting, panning, and zooming your cameras.

We’ve got a new generation of IP security cameras that have 10 times the resolution capability of standard analog cameras and can zoom in on pre-recorded events. They can transmit video and audio signals through a network and communicate and store information on the internet.

We’ll also come out to repair not only our systems, but other security companies’ systems. We can help you with access control, security integration, alarm systems, telephone entry systems, and so much more!

How a HoustonSecurityCamera.com System Can Protect You, Your Business, And Property

You’re not always home or in the office and neither are your neighbors or co-workers.Having a security camera system in your Kingwood, TX business or home can give you an extra set of eyes around the clock. Our surveillance systems can send you text message updates and e-mail you video snapshots when the system detects motion.

Our Megapixel IP cameras have a cleaner and more detailed image than has been possible in the past. They have a resolution ten times higher than standard analog cameras. If the need ever arose, they can zoom in on images that have already been recorded.

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HoustonSecurityCamera.com would love to help you get your security system up and running. We’ve got an A rating with the BBB, 5 star online reviews, and a mission to help the local Kingwood community stay safe and secure in their homes and businesses. Our success is measured in the relationships we build in the community

We’ve only covered a miniscule amount of the products and services that we offer. Call to talk about your security options and concerns. All of these solutions can be easily financed so that you get the best security coverage at an affordable price!

* Manufactory warranty and monitoring may vary depending on product and service.

** With approved credit by finance company.

*** Must have an active contract with service agreement fee of $8.99/month (alarm system only) Hard Drive will always have 1 year warranty.

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[Nexlar is a proud member of the BBB and Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA). State of Texas License # B14634.]

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Internet Video Recorder

(Wireless Security Cameras)

Wireless Security cameras can be integrated with yours wireless Internet router. The videos are recorded in dedicated secure server. No DVR required . Any analog or IP camera can work with our solution. You can view and playback via a computer, smart phone and IPhone

Security Alarm System