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Galena park, TX Security Cameras

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Some of The Security Integration Services and Solutions We Offer:

  • Installing Security Cameras.
  • Live and Online Video Access / Internet Video Options.
  • Integrating Home and Business Security.
  • Both High-Definition and Analog Cameras.
  • Video Analytics and Verification.
  • Access Control / Gate Hardware.
  • Parking and Garage Security Options.
  • Keypads and Keyless Entry Options.
  • Telephone Entry.
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems.
  • Card Readers.
  • Networking Solutions.
  • Fire, Security, and Trespassing Alarms.
  • Audio Systems.
  • Repairing Cameras and Security Systems.
  • Medical Alert Systems.
  • This is absolutely list of the many services we offer to Galena Park, TX and the surrounding areas. For more information on how we can set up your home or business with a top-notch security system, give us a call! Our on-site Galena Park, TX security consultations are free and we offer financing options to keep your town safe without breaking the bank. We’re dedicated to keeping one of Texas’s most important refinery centers secure and safe. Call us today to set up your unique and efficient HoustonSecurityCamera.com security system! 281-407-0765

Galena Park, TX Wireless Cameras

  • Allows communities and businesses to communicate quickly without boundaries.
  • Offers a full spectrum of features: point-to-point, point-to-multi-point radios, and mesh networks.
  • Easy to use and understand.

Galena Park, TX Surveillance System

  • User friendly interface and software.
  • Multiple security levels.
  • Text messaging capability: messages can be sent to your cell phone notifying you of a detected motion event.
  • E-mail capability: alerts can be sent, which will include a video snapshot of the event.
  • View live video on your on smart capable devices.
  • Create unlimited number of camera groups.
  • Control pan, tilt & zoom cameras .

Galena Park, TX IP Security Cameras

  • Capable of transmitting video and audio signals through a dedicate Network.
  • Capable of communicating and storing data via the Internet.
  • 10 times better resolution than analog cameras.
  • Capable of zooming in after an event has been recorded.

About HoustonSecurityCamera.com

We are an online division of Nexlar Security, LLC, and we’re diligently working on establishing long-lasting relationships with the citizens and business-owners of Galena Park, TX. Our company is devoted to keeping your business, property, and most importantly yourself secure by offering the latest security solutions. We run background checks and FBI fingerprinting on all of our staff, so that you know that your security is safe with us. We are an A+ rated company with the BBB because of our whole-hearted dedication to your satisfaction with your security system, and our thirst for knowledge of the newest and best technologies on the market.

Keep Yourself Safe with HoustonSecurityCamera.com

Crime prevention is important to your safety. You need to anticipate the possible risks that your area contains by keeping aware of your surroundings and breaking the crime triangle. That is, taking away one of three things: the criminal’s desire to commit a crime, the opportunity to commit a crime, or the target of the crime.

You can’t change a criminal’s desire, and you and your belongings will always need to be somewhere, so the leg of the triangle that you need to concentrate on is the opportunity to commit a crime. A security camera system can give you extra eyes to keep you vigilant and aware of what is out there in the darkness of Galena Park, TX, as well as be a visible crime deterrent.

* Manufactory warranty and monitoring may vary depending on product and service.

** With approved credit by finance company.

*** Must have an active contract with service agreement fee of $8.99/month (alarm system only) Hard Drive will always have 1 year warranty.

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[Nexlar is a proud member of the BBB and Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA). State of Texas License # B14634.]

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Internet Video Recorder

(Wireless Security Cameras)

Wireless Security cameras can be integrated with yours wireless Internet router. The videos are recorded in dedicated secure server. No DVR required . Any analog or IP camera can work with our solution. You can view and playback via a computer, smart phone and IPhone

Security Alarm System